Monday, March 26, 2012

Cafe curtains are everywhere these days.  From magazines to model homes to pinterest.  Here are just a
few I've seen lately.

I'm not sure who to credit for this photo so if anyone knows the source please let me know.
Lisa Luby Ryan
via heirloom philosophy

I had a yard of Windsor Smith Riad in clove sitting in my closet so I decided to give this project a try.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I still need to order another yard of fabric to do the other panel but I'm not sure I'm loving this fabric in this space.  I looked high and low for the perfect rod to use to hang these.  I really didn't want anything that had finials or that was too big and bulky.  I ended up using these cafe rods from rejuvenation hardware in oil rubbed bronze.  I needed something more substantial then the rings they carry so I picked up a set at a local fabric store.  They were much cheaper as well.      


I'm very happy with the rod and would use it again.  The fabric I used is linen and then I also lined them and I can tell that this rod will bend a little once I get the other panel up.  Rejuvenation did note this in the description on their website that these are intended for lightweight fabric.

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Rodney Orton said...

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