Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last Friday I spent the day out first going to an estate sale and then stopping by one of my favorite antique stores.  I found all kinds of really good stuff at the estate sale but only came home with an alabaster dish.  I thought I would use it in our powder room to hold soap but it didn't look very good in there so I put it on my nightstand and have been using it to hold jewelry.  

Antique stores and estate sales are great places to find inexpensive items to display.  I thought I would give you a break down of what I spent on the items on my nightstand.  The mint julep cup and round silver container were $10 each at a local antique store.  The stone box was a gift from my sister.  She brought it back from a mission trip she went on to Brazil when we were in high school.  The clock I bought on clearance from target for $6.  It was part of the Victoria Hagan collection.  And the alabaster dish I bought on Friday for $3.  

After I left the estate sale I stopped by my favorite antique store.  There I stumbled across what I think is a great find.  There were two crates full of original sketches by Elizabeth Pauline Everitt.  She received a degree from the University of Missouri and taught art in a local school district as well as giving private lessons.  Upon her death her entire collection was donated to the Nelson Art Gallery.  What I've read online is that the museum had no need for her sketch books and threw them away.  A local antique dealer found them in the trash and is selling them for a song.  I felt very lucky to find them too!

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