Monday, September 12, 2011

Paris Apartment

I stopped by a local antique store a few months ago just to take a peek around.  I stumbled upon some old issues of Elle Decor.  I've only been subscribing to Elle Decor for a couple of years (not sure what happened there) and decided to pick up the November 2002 issue and take a look.  It turned out to be a great issue and I'm not sure why someone was willing to part with it.  One of the homes featured was the paris apartment of Michael Bruno founder of 1st Dibs.  I absolutely love the entire apartment.  It is just as stylish today as it was when in was published 9 years ago.  To me that says volumes about a space and the designer.  It really speaks to the fact that you should invest in antiques and pieces with history and not trends that will be out of style in no time.  Here are the pictures for those of you who have been living under a rock like me!

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