Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mission Road Antiques

Today I spent the day at one of my favorite shops, Mission Road Antiques. Now it's only an hour drive from my house but I try to limit my trips to special occasions. Usually when I go it results in a day long trip and I always find something I have to have. Since I'm returning to work in a week or so I decided to make today a special occasion. As expected I stayed longer than planned and found lots of goodies.

I thought this foot stool was just too cute!

I can hardly resist anything gilded.

This piece was about the size of a small dinner plate. It was marked door knocker but you would have to have a massive door. I think this would be a really cool towel holder in a powder room.

I want these antlers so bad I can't stand it!! They would be perfect over my fireplace! If only I could decide if I want to be modern or traditional!

Loved this coffee table! And it was only $500. Oh if I only had an extra stash of cash laying around all of this stuff would be at my house right now!!

I found this brass lamp and at $50 I just couldn't resist! It works and it has a dimmer switch. What more could a girl ask for.


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

I just love shops like this one. I love that coffee table! Thanks for stopping by RHS and commenting. I really appreciate it. Look forward to many more great posts from you. Have a great weekend.

A Perfect Gray said...

I wish this place was closer to me!

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