Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dining room inspiration

The following pictures are of my eating area as it looks today. My Notting Hill recently did a post on her dining room and her post inspired me to do a post on my eating area. The biggest challenges with my eating area are:

1. It's a must walk-thru room to get from the garage and mud room into the house.

2. When building I didn't have the electrician wire for a ceiling fixture. My reasoning for this was that I didn't want to have to worry about centering the table under the light. I wanted to be able to position the table where ever it looked the best. I did ask my electrician to wire for a light just in case I changed my mind down the road but that didn't happen.

3. The french doors swing in which limits the amount of space for the table. This was another struggle while building. I really wanted the doors to swing out to eliminate this problem and my framer looked at me like I was crazy.

The same two dining rooms that have been an inspiration for My Notting Hill have also been two of my favorites as well. The first image is from the November issue of Canadian House and Home. The wallpaper panels immediately caught my eye. Canadian House and Home has a DIY video on there website that shows you how to make these and it looks like they would be pretty easy and inexpensive to do.

The second image is from designer Victoria Neale. I immediately saved this image to my inspiration file when My Notting Hill originally posted it. I have seen a lot of dining rooms using bench seating lately and I love it.

One option that has caught my eye is the Louis VI bench from ballard designs. Although not cheap it is a reasonably affordable option.

If I don't go with wallpaper panels I love the idea of using vintage bus signs like the one below I saw featured on Elements of Style. I think two of these behind the ballard bench would look pretty awesome.

I purchased this rug from Wisteria. It turns out that I really love this rug. I really didn't want to get a rug because I have an 8 and 10 year old. Typical meals include at least one big spill. My husband really wanted one to protect the hardwood floors. So far this rug has been covered in Nutella (a chocolate peanut butter substance), grape juice (ugh!) and a fully loaded ketchup, mustard, relish hot dog. And you can't even tell. After a little spot cleaning it still looks brand new. I highly recommend this rug!!

I also have an old round table in my basement that I've thought about bringing upstairs and covering with a floor length table cloth. The round table would give more room for the french doors to swing open. To finish things off I would like to have flirty slip covers made for the chairs.

I would love to hear what you think of my ideas.


My Notting Hill said...

Love, love the red bureau!! Did you buy it that way or paint it w/the gold detailing yourself. I'm usually not attracted to red but think your bureau is a show stopper and you should really draw attention to it. Check out this link to see the oversized urn Wanda Crossley of Matthews House and Garden placed on her bureau - makes a huge statement

I like your table centered in the room. Is there enough space to turn it the other direction so you have more clearance for the french doors? On my post, people overwhelmingly voted for the chandelier, eventhough it would be off center. In your situation, it looks like you could center it over the table and I think that would look great.

Love your idea for wallpaper panels - maybe you can select something with a bit of red to tie in with the bureau.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Michele

Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Hi Sherry!

Thanks for the email! You saved me nearly $100 at Williams Sonoma Home! I owe you one! By the way, LOVE what you're doing with your house... and that red chest is gorgeous!

Thanks again!
High Street Market

the gardeners cottage said...

Hi Sherry,

I just love the idea of the bench seating. I really love the one from Ballard too. Also like the idea of a chandelier. It is going to be gorgeous I just know it. The room is already pretty.


serena at the urban farmhouse said...

Sherry, your farmhouse is great! I love the bench/dining room concept, and the sign behind the french settee would be gorgeous!


A Perfect Gray said...

Love that new rug and I think that your instincts about a wallpaper panel or vintage bus sign are right on!

joannacolorado said...

Hi! I love what you are thinking with Ballard. I found two settees on CList and had them reupholstered in leopard (small chenille) and used a trundle table. It was so pretty. I will try to find a photo for you. I too had a dining room with doors that swung in. Ignore them. I designed around them and we moved the settes when necessary we used the doors much less than expected. I would also ignore the walk through. You'll walk around it and not notice. You have fantastic taste, love your style.

Sherry said...

Joanna - I'd love to see a photo of your settees. I'll have to keep my eye on CList. Sounds like you have great taste too!!

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