Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stehpen Elrod

While looking through one of my old issues of traditional home magazine I came across the home of Stephen Elrod. It's funny how different things speak to you at different times. I don't think this was a favorite of mine at the time but it is definately a favorite now. Stephen is vice-president and creative director of Lee Jofa.

I've noticed that in most of these photos Stephen uses one lamp instead of a pair of lamps. I'm very excited about this because I typically happen across one lamp or can only afford one. I think the way he has done it looks great!

All photos are compliments of the September 08 issue of Traditional Home.


the gardeners cottage said...

Hi Sherry,

I really love the way all the rooms flow. They are all different but they all relate to each other. I just love that!


A Perfect Gray said...

So stylish. I had not seen these before. Thanks for posting these photos!

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