Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I submitted this picture of our great room to Velvet and Linen this week when I found out she was having a contest with the prize being one of three brickmaker's tables from Mark Sage. Several of her blogging friends voted on the submissions to narrow the field down to 10 rooms. Unfortunately my room was'nt selected. You can head over to velvet and linen to vote for your favorite room. The top 3 vote getters win.

It would be a nice consolation prize to have Brooke tell me what to do with this room. It is driving me crazy. I would like to ditch the rug and change it to something more modern or nothing at all. I bought the wing chair on craigslist and it needs to be recovered. This is where all the TV watching goes on as well and there is really not a good spot to put the TV. But those aren't the biggest issues. All of the furniture was purchased while we were living in Texas. We had both a formal living room and family room in our house there. Now I'm trying to cram 2 rooms worth of furniture into 1 room and it's not working very well. I'd really like to have a sectional with a chaise. Feel free to leave any suggestions you might have.

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the gardeners cottage said...

Wish I could help. The room is lovely, just needs a little fine tuning. I know the feeling. I like your idea of removing the rug and re-upholstering the wing chair.

Have you been to the blog decorating 101? You can get the link from my blog. Her name is Vicki and she is a professional decorator looking for a room from a reader that needs help. She is super nice and I know she would help you.


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