Friday, July 3, 2009

Kitchen ingredients

What do you think about using this Windsor Smith fabric to make cafe curtains for the window above my sink?

I didn't go with a farmhouse sink even though I really wanted to. Instead I went with this double basin sink from Kohler. I think it will look fantastic.

One of my favorite blogs is Cote De Texas. I fell in love with the faucet from her post on "Stalking the Wheats." I new the minute I saw it that it was the one for me. It is sitting in my closet just waiting for the day it will be installed.


A-M said...

I LOVE the fabric! You have fabulous taste! A-M xx

Cote de Texas said...

ahhaha!!! love this!
Your house is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where to get custom cut seagrass???? In Kansas _ I am not sure at all! I'm sorry. But talk to any upscale carpet place - they should be able to help you. Let me know when you move in - I would love to see the finished house!

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